Best of Both Worlds Massage Therapy
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Massage Therapy

Choose from therapeutic massage (deep tissue, trigger point release or neuromuscular therapy) or relaxation massage (Swedish).

All massage sessions include hot stones and warm towels!

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Also known as the "Art of Happiness," the "Art of Longevity," and the "Art of Benevolence," Jin Shin Jyutsu is an Ancient Japanese Art to harmonize body, mind and spirit through gentle touch.  Subtle yet powerful, it helps restore energy flow to promote health and well-being.


Another powerful Japanese healing Art, Reiki helps restore physical and mental/emotional health and harmony by guiding Life Force Energy from Source.  Through Karen's hands, this energy goes where healing is needed.  Its effects include feelings of relaxation, calm, peacefulness, and security.  It is also helpful to our animal companions.

Raindrop Technique

This relaxing technique uses nine Young Living Essential Oils.  Applied to the feet and spine, this therapy may help correct spinal curvatures and misalignments.  Dynamic for the immune system and overall vitality, the Raindrop Technique supports the body-mind in its highest state of wellness.  Includes some massage on the back, hot towels and incredible aromatherapy!

Juice Plus (whole food nutrition)

Enjoy the benefits of 25 vine-ripened, pesticide-free fruits, vegetables, grains and berries in capsule or gummy form.  The capsules contain 0 grams of sugar and sodium making is safe for those with diabetes or high blood pressure.  With the high concentration of antioxidants and phytonutrients found in Juice Plus, our immune system is strengthened and DNA protected.  A necessity with the amount of stress so common these days.  It's also great for skin, hair and gum health.

Juice Plus, the most researched nutrition product in the world, is an easy, affordable way to get the recommended 9-13 daily servings.  We are whole food deficient; not vitamin deficient.  The secret is in the apple; not the manmade vitamin pill.

Kids get Juice Plus free (up to four years) when sponsored by an adult taking Juice Plus through The Children's Health Study.  Grow your own fruits, herbs and veggies with the aeroponic Tower Garden Juice Plus makes a bad diet better, a better diet good, and a good diet great!  

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